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Mixing is the process of combining multitrack recordings down to a single track — typically a mono, stereo or surround file. During which, the individual elements of the song are balanced in level and sculpted with processes such as EQ, compression, reverb/delay and many others. It is in the mixing process that the artistic vision of the song and production are solidified.

  • Provide up to 24 tracks as individual WAV files or Pro Tools Session Folder.
  • Render any plugins to the track. (If you are unsure, you may provide both a dry and wet version of the track).
  • Provide a reference track, either as a file or as a link.
  • Provide a brief description about your song and your desired production style.

Note: additional charges will be discussed for songs with higher track counts, songs over 5 min in length and/or songs requiring advanced editing/processing (vocal tuning, time alignment, de-noising).

*If unsure about any of the terms above, please feel free to ask.

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Mastering is the last stage of production and the first stage of distribution. Mastering is the process of preparing and optimizing your final mix(es) for distribution on a particular medium (vinyl, CD, digital download, streaming). The mastering process also uses specialized forms of EQ, compression and limiting to tie individual songs together in an album and/or to ensure balanced playback on all systems.
Please provide:

  • A stereo WAV file that is the same sample rate and bit depth as your recording (e.g. 96kHz/24bit).
  • Reference Track

Note: Additional charges may be discussed for songs over 5 min in length and/or requiring advanced editing/processing.

*If unsure about any of the terms above, please feel free to ask.

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Audio restoration is the process of reducing unwanted sounds/noise in a recording. This can include: electrical noise (buzz/hum), ambient noise (air conditioning, wind) or noise inherent to the recording medium (tape hiss, vinyl clicks pops).

Rate: This type of work varies so much project to project, please get in touch to discuss pricing.

Please provide files in the highest resolution available to you (i.e. 96kHz/24bit WAV format). Typically, this will be the format the material was recorded in.

Note: Pricing will be determined by the length/amount of program material and the nature of the audio and what needs to be repaired.

*If unsure about any of the terms above, please feel free to ask.

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We’ve Worked With:
The Chad Mitchell Trio, Tom Paxton, Peter Yarrow, Noel ‘Paul’ Stokey, Steve Gillette, Side By Side, The Squid Jiggers, Modern Man, Schooner Fare, The 9 Songwriter Series, Bill Danoff, The Gaslight Singers, Carl’s Roast Beef Band, Jonathan Edwards, Anne Hills, Revi Roza, White Mystery, V Sparks, Chicago Children’s Theatre, Doris Justice, Paid Programming, LLC, Red Door Theatre, BBU, World Folk Music Association, Talmar It Up Podcast, Finra and more.

To hear audio examples of our work,
please contact us and we will provide you with a private link.

Lost In Transduction
is a boutique recording, mixing and mastering studio based in the historic Brookland neighborhood of Washington, DC.

Owner Collin Warren brings over a decade of experience as an audio engineer, musician and songwriter to his work with clients from throughout the world.

Collin is an Avid Certified Pro Tools Expert and Avid Certified Instructor.

Email or call Collin now to discuss your next project.

Collin Warren, Owner/Engineer

Collin Warren, Owner
Phone: (202) 930-2404
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